Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello all you awesome ASAites! 
We had a great day today with our simulation. You all did terrific! Thanks for participating and putting your heart into it! :)

This week be sure to read Chapter 6: Finding the Real You in TJEd for Teens.
We'll be discussing it in class next week, February 2nd. 
Be Prepared!!!

And for a reminder, get a copy of the classic you're wanting to read for our first discussion on March 16 so you can have plenty of time to read it and be prepared!
March 16 - CHOOSE 1 OF THESE 3 BOOKS: 

Friday, January 13, 2017

This semester in Core is going to be a little different than last semester! 

Hold on to your hats because it’s going to be
Since TJED for Teens speaks so much and so highly about reading classics and discussing them, we are going to do just that!!

1st We’ll finish reading TJED for Teens as per the schedule below.

2nd Then you’ll read two classics that you choose from the list below and be prepared to have incredible discussions with our Scholar Society leading them! How cool is that?!

Since we’ll be reading amazing books this semester and having more discussions, there will be no Inspirements so you have more time to read!
And of course, audiobooks are great!

Here’s the schedule of when the readings are due:
January 19 - TJEd for Teens chapter 5: Scholar Phase
 February 2 - TJEd for Teens  chapter 6: Finding the Real You
February 16 - TJEd for Teens  chapter 7 & 8: Success in the Next 20 Years, and One More Thing
March 16 - CHOOSE 1 OF THESE 3 BOOKS: 
 CHOOSE IN to becoming a Scholar!
The more of us that DO THIS, the more EPIC this semester will be!