Thursday, October 27, 2016

Next week, Thursday November 4th, is the date of our next discussion on TJEd for Teens!
Chapter 3 - "Mentors"

If you haven't already, START THIS CHAPTER RIGHT AWAY!
Image result for heads upThis is a super awesome chapter and it has some self-reflection questions in it to answer, as well as other really great questions.

If you will give yourself to this chapter and it's questions, you will be so blessed to learn things about yourself that you didn't know before!


This week's Inspirements

Because chpt 3 from TJEd for Teens is SO important for you to read and answer the questions in it, the Inspirements for this week are pretty short and sweet. Enjoy them!

Read each of these scriptures and the quote from Pres. Hinckley. Choose one of them that is meaningful and copy it into your Truth Book.

Gordon B. Hinckley:
"None of us...knows enough. The learning process is an endless process. We must read, we must observe, we must assimilate, and we must ponder that to which we expose our minds. You cannot afford to stop. You must not rest in your development... There is so much to learn and so little time in which to learn it." (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, pg 298)

1. Do the Apprentice Inspirement.

2. Have some fun with these Trivia Questions - There's no need to score yourself, just see what things you know, and then learn the answers to the things you didn't know. Have fun with this! :)


1. Do the Apprentice & Journeyman Inspirements.

2. I came across this short video clip from an interview with former Supreme Court Justice, David Souter. Watch it and see what he says about civil ignorance and freedom. After watching it and pondering the message, write in your Truth Book a sentence or two about it's meaning to you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

We had a great discussion on chapter 2 of TJEd for Teens today! Good job to everyone who read it and was prepared! And thank you to Scholar Society for their great job of leading the discussions and for the great lesson today! 

Be sure to read Chapter 3 of TJEd for Teens by Nov 3rd!
(that's 3 weeks from today)

This week's Inspirements are a little different! 
Read below!

There's only ONE Inspirement this week, and everyone who does it will earn Master level for it!

If you don't have one right now, choose a book that is a classic to you, and READ!
If you're already in the middle of a great book, keep READING! 
Since we have Fall Break this next week, you have 2 weeks before we meet again. Soooo, just enjoy yourself and READ and READ.... Come to class on Oct 27 prepared to tell your group what book you've been reading and take about 30-45 seconds to tell why you like it. Awesome!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Be sure to read chpt 2 of TJEd for Teens for our discussion this week! Your team is counting on you!

A “classic” is a work — literature, music, a piece of art, movie, a game — that’s worth returning to again and again AND you gain more from it each time.

This week's Inspirements:

Is everything you like a classic? Think of the music, movies, books, art, poems, literary works, etc, that you have read or seen. Would you consider these things classics? Or are they not necessarily classics, but just things you like? Really take a few minutes to think about what being a classic means, that is "worth returning to again and again" and that “you gain more from it each time?"
What sets a classic apart from the things we just like?

Image result
1. In your Truth Book, make two lists. Label one list "Classic" and label the other list "Just Enjoy." Think of the music, movies, books, art, poems, literary works, etc, that you have experienced and put them in one of those two categories. Try to come up with at least 10 things to put on your paper.

2. If you don’t have anything in your “classic” group start a treasure hunt for a classic you think you would enjoy. (Hint: there is a list at the end of chapter 2 of TJEd for Teens for some suggestions.)

1. Do the Apprentice Inspirements.

2. In your Truth Book, choose one of the things on your "Classic" list and record what made it a classic to you.

3. Find someone who has experienced one of your classics and discuss it with them. If you can’t find someone who has already experienced it, come up with way to get them EXCITED about experiencing it.

4. Identify at least one classic you have not experienced and find a way to access it and begin it.

1. Do the Apprentice and Journeyman Inspirements.

2. Print out and read this article. Mark it up: highlight, underline, write notes or questions in the margins, draw pictures or graphic over the text.
Does this article open your eyes to see classics and experience them in new ways? Record any thoughts, feelings, impressions from this article in your Truth Book.