Thursday, October 13, 2016

We had a great discussion on chapter 2 of TJEd for Teens today! Good job to everyone who read it and was prepared! And thank you to Scholar Society for their great job of leading the discussions and for the great lesson today! 

Be sure to read Chapter 3 of TJEd for Teens by Nov 3rd!
(that's 3 weeks from today)

This week's Inspirements are a little different! 
Read below!

There's only ONE Inspirement this week, and everyone who does it will earn Master level for it!

If you don't have one right now, choose a book that is a classic to you, and READ!
If you're already in the middle of a great book, keep READING! 
Since we have Fall Break this next week, you have 2 weeks before we meet again. Soooo, just enjoy yourself and READ and READ.... Come to class on Oct 27 prepared to tell your group what book you've been reading and take about 30-45 seconds to tell why you like it. Awesome!

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