Thursday, September 29, 2016

Great class today everyone!!!

REMEMBER: Be sure to read Chapter 2 of "Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens" and be ready for an awesome book discussion on Oct 13!

This week's Inspirements:

1- In your Truth Book make two lists:
  • make a list of some of the things you love to learn about
  • then make a list of things you would like to learn about
Work toward having at least 10 things on each list! Share your lists with your mom or dad, or in your evening prayers with your Father in Heaven, so they can help you with your learning.

2- Watch this video "You Can Learn Anything" then tell someone about what you learned from it.

3- Write the quote from the meme at the bottom of this post from President Uchtdorf in your Truth Book, and write it in a BIG and bold way. You could even color it and draw >designs< around it if you want to. :)

1- Do the Apprentice Inspirements.

2- While watching General Conference this weekend, listen for a talk that feels meaningful to you. In your Truth Book, write a few sentences about that message and what it means to you.

3- Watch this video: "Education - The Glory of God is Intelligence" and then write about the following thoughts in your Truth Book:
A. Do you feel that this man is exemplifying what it means to be a statesman? Remember, a Statesman is a man or woman of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage, who inspires greatness in others and moves the cause of liberty/righteousness.
B. Write a couple sentences describing what feelings you think this man has about education and it's importance in his life. And then, do you feel this way about your learning/education? If not, would you like to?

1- Do the Apprentice and Journeyman Inspirements.

2- Read this article and consider what it means to you. Write your thoughts in your Truth Book. "Education is a Commandment"

3- Teach someone about the Phases of Learning that we talked about in class. Really work hard to help them understand them. You should have great notes in your Truth Book. :) (Core Phase, Love of Learning Phase, Scholar Phase, Depth Phase) You can even use play-doh to illustrate it if you want to. :)

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