Friday, September 16, 2016

What a great class it was today! Thank you, everyone, for being so awesome and for participating so fully! You are a terrific group of youth!

The inspirements for this week are below, but before we get into them, I just wanted to share a couple things:

Product Details1- Be sure to read chapter one, 'Your Future', in "Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens" by next Thursday, Sept 22. BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS this awesome chapter with the class. The group discussion will be lead by members of the Scholar Society and it will go super well if EVERYONE is prepared! 

2- Today we learned a bit about the value of answering questions with more than a Yes/No answer.  You can watch a video of a tv game show with this game. Be advised this is a youtube video, please make sure it's ok with your parents before you watch it. (Also, skip to about 1:39 to skip the intro)

This week's Inspirements

Today in class we started at the beginning - What is the Core of things? We discussed how everything we do is based off of our understanding of the Character and Nature of God. Your Inspirements this week are an invitation to dive in and learn more about the Character and Nature of your Heavenly Father. This is an invitation to get to know Him. 

1. In the first Article of Faith, what is the very first phrase? _____________ Do you think it is just happenstance that Joseph Smith began with that phrase to explain our beliefs?

2. Watch these short videos:

3. If you haven't done so yet, read Matthew 22:36-40 and copy it into your Truth Book. Begin memorizing it.

1. Do the Apprentice Inspirements.

2. Look up these scriptures and find key words that describe Heavenly Father. Write down these key words in your Truth Book and title it "Character of God."

1. Do the Apprentice and Journeyman Inspirements. 

2. Read Lectures on Faith, lecture #3, The Character of God. You might like to print it and mark things as you read.

3. Think about and then write about these questions in your Truth Book:
     A. What have I learned about the nature and character of God?
     B. From what I have learned from the scriptures, Lectures on Faith, and inspiration I have received, how does Heavenly Father feel about me? 
     C. And how do I feel about Him?

BONUS, not required: Read/watch this talk by Andrew Skinner at BYU, The Nature and Character of God

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