Friday, November 11, 2016

Heads UP! Each person who reads TJEd for Teens chapter 4 "Falling in Love With Learning" and is prepared for an awesome discussion of it on Dec 8, will receive a reward!
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This week in Core Leadership we had a couple of wonderful guest speakers come and teach us about their experiences while serving a Self Reliance mission in the Philippines. Their presentation was wonderful! They shared how powerful it is for a person to gain the skills and education that can then propel their life forward, lift them from poverty and help them to better live a full and enriching life. We are so appreciative of Brother & Sister Hansen for taking their time to come share with us!

This week's Inspirements

1. Print out these two maps that are linked below and learn more about the Philippines. Follow the instructions on the papers then show your finished papers to one of your parents.(Be sure you have your parent's permission if you want to search for these answers online.)
World Map
Philippines Map

1. Do the Apprentice Inspirements.

2. Brother & Sister Hansen talked about how their mission was spent helping people become more self-reliant, and how as they learned to become more self-reliant, they were able to grow and improve their lives. What areas in your life could you learn to be more self-reliant? Make a list in your Truth Book.
Some examples might be:
  • keeping up in my student planner
  • remembering to do my chores without being reminded
  • getting up in the morning when I'm supposed to
  • doing my school assignments now instead of pushing them off until later
Prayerfully consider your list and choose one thing from it and work diligently at being more self-reliant in that one thing for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, report to your Heavenly Father how it went.

  1. reliant on one's own powers and resources rather than those of others.

1. Do the Apprentice & Journeyman Inspirements.

2. Look up Self-Reliance Services on These are the tools that Brother & Sister Hansen used to teach the people in the Philippines. Spend 1/2 hour or more perusing this incredible information, learning about the things that are interesting to you. Then tell someone about something interesting you learned from this site.

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