Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thank you, Scholar Society, for a great lesson last Thursday!

Heads up:
Read TJEd for Teens Chapter 4 by Dec. 8.
You're going to LOVE this chapter! 

This week's Inspirements

1. In TJEd for Teens it says, "Great mentoring changes your life. If you want a truly great education, find and follow good mentors." (pg 50)
    - In your Truth Book, identify and write down the names of good mentors you have in your life right now. They might include your piano teacher, Sunday School teacher, parents, friend, neighbor, books, etc. Think deep and broad and write down as many as come to mind. 
    - During this month of November, make an increased effort to express your gratitude to each one of them. :)

1. Do the Apprentice Inspirement.

2. Watch these two video clips from the movie "Karate Kid." Observe how Daniel (the mentee) is being mentored by Miyagi (the karate mentor.) Daniel has come to Miyagi asking him to teach him karate. Miyagi agrees but has a curious way of beginning his teaching...

3. Daniel was asked to do things that didn't seem to have anything to do with karate. But because he submitted himself to Miyagi's mentorship, he finally began to understand and began to see the value in it. 
    - Do a Word Study on the words Submit/Submission. (How to Do a Word Study) This will be an awesome study!

1. Do the Apprentice and Journeyman Inspirements.

2. As you step more willingly into the role of Mentee, you will learn more and more that your greatest and most trusted Mentor is your Father in Heaven. Neal A. Maxwell gave a tremendous talk about the need of being willing to submit to Him to achieve our greatest potential. Print out this talk and read it thoroughly, underlining and annotating as you go. For a deeper experience, pray before you read it, asking Heavenly Father to teach you specifically what you need to gain from reading it.
Willing to Submit
President Nelson: "If we will humbly present ourselves before the Lord and ask him to teach us, He will show us how to increase our access to His power." #LDSconf #LDS #quotes:

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